Top Reasons to use a VPN Service

The Internet isn’t what it used to be. Today there are hackers, governments, and identity thieves that want your data to be sell it or impersonate you online.

Securely Browse when using public Wifi

When you are browsing the Internet while sipping your coffee at a wifi hotspot like Starbucks, your data is actually readable by a hacker or snooper with special software. If the website says HTTP rather than HTTPS it is unencrypted and visible.
It is critical to encrypt your web browsing to prevent anyone from seeing your data so no one can steal your information. A VPN service like VPN Power encrypts all data from your computer to the Internet – ensuring you stay safe.

Stream Video and Music from Everywhere

Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Pandora only allow access to their services from specific countries – even when you’re a paying customer. If you’re traveling or living in a remote country then you can still access this entertainment by using a VPN service like VPN Power!

Bypass blocking at work and school

Schools and companies commonly have web filtering – if you’re trying to access websites that they block then you can with VPN Power. Encrypted connectivity ensures that no blocking or filtering happens, so you can access any website you want.

Bypass Censorship in certain countries

In certain countries there is Internet filtering for inappropriate or offensive content. This is the same situation as at a school or work – you simply need to encrypt your Internet connectivity with a VPN and you will be able to surf to any website you wish.

Protect Your Right of Privacy

Encrypting your Internet browsing supports your rights of privacy – as guaranteed by many countries’ constitutions. In 2013 we learned about the NSA PRISM program that showed how the NSA is spying on the Internet. If your Internet browsing data is unencrypted then you will be much more protected and be able to stand up with your rights!