The Great Firewall of China

There is the Great Wall of China, and then there is the Great Firewall of China.

The Great Firewall of China

This system provides massive Internet censoring for Chinese citizens to keep them unaware of information in the outside world. This subsequently allows the DPRC to control the population more. This system has a massive list of URLs that are allowed and blocked. Any content deemed risky/offensive is blocked to all citizens in China. Therefore they see a very different Internet than the rest of us.

Various classical and modern minds have said “Information should be set free”. For it is with information, and education, that a society can continue to grow forward. Services such as Coursera, Khan Academy, and other free courseware – as well as more controversial information from political blogs and aid organisations should all be free for anyone on the Internet to see.

It has also been said that current problems can only be solved from a higher level of thinking. What is the best way to achieve a higher level of thinking? More knowledge! This is one of the main benefits of the Internet.

Filters in various countries such as the Great Firewall of China can be bypassed by VPN services such as VPN Power. This way citizens can anonymously and securely browse to any site they wish to get the information they want. In addition encryption prevents governments from snooping in on the information to see what browsing is happening.

For more information on the Great Firewall of China have a look at this excellent Ted talk: