Encryption Prevents Governments from Snooping

Government watches internetEncryption is key to preventing government organisations like the NSA and GCHQ from snooping on web browsing and other services.

In documents revealed by Edward Snowden the world discovered the PRISM program which records and indexed data on web browsing behavior so that governments can easily search anything about you. Earlier reports also exist from an AT&T whistleblower with “Room 614A” – a room where Internet backbone traffic was copied to the government agencies. Think about it – a “Google” for searching on anyone’s browsing behavior! Solutions to prevent from this are critical because everyone is entitled to their own privacy on the Internet – just like in real life. This isn’t 1984 as written by George Orwell.

Leveraging a VPN service also provide you to ‘break out’ onto the Internet from any country you choose to connect to. For example, if you are based in the Middle East, but want to break out of the UK to be able to browse more anonymously and also view BBC iPlayer – you can easily do this.

Encrypting data with military-grade 256-bit encryption such as provided by VPN Power ensures that you are able to surf more securely, more anonymously, and fast to get the information and entertainment you want. To the Internet!